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No For Renovo

On April 14, 2023, the Bechtel Corporation announced that they were withdrawing their plans for a large, 1240 MW fracked gas-fired power plant in Renovo Borough, Clinton County, PA.

This marks the culmination of years-long opposition from Renovo residents who, with the Council’s support, raised their voices to counter this plant and raise concerns about air and health impacts, despite being repeatedly denied opportunities to speak in official hearings. Council staff, along with our partners, have also been in litigation for the last two years challenging the illegal air permit that the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) had issued.

The power plant, proposed to be built on the other side of the road from homes and businesses in an environmental justice community, would have been one of the largest emitters of air pollution in the state, emitting more greenhouse gases per year than the entire City of Pittsburgh. Renovo residents can breathe easier now knowing that this dirty, polluting power plant will NOT be built in their community. Residents the Council worked with were relieved that the health of their families would no longer be threatened by the plant and are advocating for alternative ways to promote prosperity in Renovo in the future that do not harm residents’ health.

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